Paxum gives free Mastercard Load on Xmas

December 25th, 2012 by Administrator

Merry Xmas, Folks!
I like Xmas coz there are some nice offers and gifts.

Paxum is the best solution for all who earn money online, they have instant withdraw and many adult affiliate programs works with em

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Usually they charge $2 for each MasterCard load:

Transaction Personal Account Business Account
ATM Withdrawal $2.00 $2.00
Peer to Peer $0.25 $1.00
Wire Transfer $50 $50

But till 31 Dec they running special offer so you able to transfer your fund to your Paxum Mastercard for free!

Smart Adult Products Opportunity

August 2nd, 2008 by Administrator

promote male sex toys and other adult toys/products
why some slightly less known adult products is better the BRAND NAME ones;)

Today running a porn site and promoting only porn sites of adult affiliates networks is not enough for good earning, especially if you run quality big sites such as reality porn with satisfied surfers who crawl your site every day in search of quality links to reality porn.

Looks like Ive found a new good way to improve your earnings on adult traffic :) without spreading your visitors from the main aim – selling access to porn sites
well this method is quite old i think you have thought or tried to promote male masturbators like fleshlight or other adult products?
If you’ve tried and failed it doesn’t mean that is you/your traffic fault
I had troubles promoting fleshlight masturbators – my traffic simply didn’t convert well
while successful running link sites or other great sites with many bookmarkers requires to have several options or different solutions for surfer to choose from.
Thats why Ive found this program. (see below)
They have a few pros and yet no cons before fleshlight program
- 1) First and main great advantage: they never charge you back
while other guys on this products biz use honest webmasters to get customer and then use fishy techniques like cancel or even charge you back without paying you FOR real person’s information which they might use in future purchases without you even knowing ;(
2) they have better percentage 40% instead of 30% – more money to your pocket in a long run
same products?
3) they have unique products and they don’t claim to be ‘the #1 selling male sex toy’, ‘over one million sold’, ‘proudly made in usa’ ;) and other slogans which even if they are true,
only cut your sales!
for I found em to be questionable:1) if there is1 million sold – it will sell worse in future and your site will have to face a strong competition with other websites which are already in for this product;
2) proudly made in usa – more expense due to the usa taxes – same quality ;) less money they will pay you etc.

Speaking frankly I dont care of their marketing… I do care of my income ;)
after testing fleshlight (for many promote em) for some months without even single sale (0:4000)
Ive become disapointed in all adult products market (well it depends on traffic and positioning)
But having only adult traffic from several link sites Ive decided to try another company.
I met one guy who suggest me to try it and after about 1 month I got my first sale of $119
well pretty amazing counting its only 1:386!

not to mention they credited $50 on my account as JOIN BONUS!
I am happy yet… will begin to promote them more extensively..and report you the results.
please join cashburners immediatly (they seem to still run $50 program for every newcomer)
apply here for it
please join and comment on it
oh I forget to noticed they have matched products. for direct replacement of fleshlight use cocktorch
but there are also mastomatic and passionpump which are even better!

Silver cash

June 5th, 2008 by Administrator

Silvercash affiliate program have nice rss feeds to use on your blogs… not mentioning that they are one of the biggest sponsors with lots of sites and even offering a whole bunch of HD video sites

5 new blog link lists aggregators has been started!

April 24th, 2008 by Administrator
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    and of course you’re always welcome at
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  • Kinky Dollars

    October 16th, 2007 by Administrator

    Here is my best sponsor for kinky bondage fetish – Cybernet Bucks. They have lots of fhgs and rss feeds, regularly updated blog and tons of content to promote them

    Anime Sites and How to Sale toons

    August 16th, 2007 by Administrator

    Toons sales better!
    here the tips…
    1. Deal woth only the best toon sponsors and only trusted ones (below)

    2. Promote unique toons the pictures and movies surfers cant see in whole life
    3. write real attractive descriptions for free sites
    4. create special blogs to present the sponsor to surfer

    wegcash free email program earn up 1 buck on every kind of real traffic

    August 12th, 2007 by Administrator

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    it s never been easy to earn money using their free mail program
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    Adult Super Star Flicks

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    rss definition and rss tricks

    August 7th, 2007 by Administrator

    What is RSS? you may ask

    RSS is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication”. It is a way to easily distribute a list of headlines, update notices, and sometimes content to a wide number of people. It is used by computer programs that organize those headlines and notices for easy reading.

    read more at rss definition

    Rss is stored in *. xml files. it s so called extention marrkup language. It s very common like HTML but is more strict yet flexible.

    for example ALL XML tags (see html tags is you dont know what I ma talking about) should have enclodes tag so <img> or <br> tags are wrong the way its written and all tags which HAVE NO closing tags should have “/” before the closing symbol > so
    <img /> and <br /> is correct

    but the more important thing in RSS its so called feeds each feed which basically not more that group of so called items
    so every RSS Feed consist of iterms and re-presentted as follows

    Item 1:
    Title: Sidewalk contract awarded
    Description: The city awarded the sidewalk contract to Smith Associates. This hotly contested deal is worth $1.2 million.
    Item 2:
    Title: Governor to visit
    Description: The governor is scheduled to visit the city on July 1st. This is the first visit since the election two years ago. The mayor is planning a big reception.

    more info will be soon

    feedwordpress and rss tricks

    August 5th, 2007 by Administrator

    all of these who deal with RSS syndication in the past know well a good plugin feedwordpress

    it consists of 2 parts
    1) Interface and options
    2) %path to your wp blog%/ wp-content/ update-feeds.php
    which should do all the job of fetching RSS and including RSS to the posts into your blog.
    You install the plugin, press links->syndication add there your rss feed or feed of your sponsor and they type %path to your wp blog%/ wp-content/ update-feeds.php to include the post to your blog

    it seems to be very easy,


    there is major NO NO which Id like you to BE AWARE of.
    If you do this like many guys already did you will probably end up with your blog in the google dump.
    This is because you will ADD all posts at once and so only 1 ping occurs for all your post and the posts will be exacly like the posts of other guys who used this technique before you.


    make sure you are adding exclusive posts ever so often
    to perform this make sure you syndicated posts will be syndicated as drafts


    1)switch options->syndicated “hold posts as draft”
    2)dont forget to change “permalinks points to this site” option if you want to get title pointed to normal post
    instead of just the title of the post linked with your sponsor gallery (by default in feedwordpress)

    so after you will run %path to your wp blog%/ wp-content/ update-feeds.php
    all your posts will be inside your blog but dont publish until you fix em and let them to.

    Then say each day you will have to go to manage-> choose one of the posts from draft and alter the text of it.
    I strongly recomend you to add more text and
    1) clear post-slug field (so it will create new permalink from your new title)
    2) change title of the draft post

    this will help you to keep your blog updated each day and you will make sure you pinged your
    blog with new post every time you add post.

    Have a nice Rss posting, and keep in mind you will always submit your blogs to

    Tushy Cash

    August 4th, 2007 by Administrator

    Check out the Tushy Cash sponsor program for several kinky sites with rare content and nice rss feeds for your blogs.

    Adult Cash Blog